Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Deep Thoughts

Why I Never Read My Horoscope: Today it says, "You can either make someone happy or make life miserable." Just as I'm thinking, Hey, that's not such a bad choice, it goes on...."Ask yourself where you want to be farther down the line and act from that place." What the hell does that mean? That it's OK to "make life miserable" if it'll get me where I want to go? Also, is it my life I'm making miserable, or someone else's? Did Bush get this horoscope before he invaded Iraq? These are important points that aren't covered by Christopher Renstorm in the newspaper.

Overexposed: Does it bother anyone else that Terry O'Quinn is the assistant director of the CIA on "Alias," the high-ranking general on "West Wing," and the crazy guy stranded on the island in "Lost" this season? I didn't think so. Oh, and does it bother anyone else that John Amos, who used to be General Fitzwallace on "West Wing," keeps getting killed off every series he's on? OK, I only remember him as the dead dad in "Good Times", but still.

Oh, oh, and that reminds me - if one of the characters on ER falls in love with you, RUN AWAY as fast as you can. They are seriously jinxed.

Speaking of Lost: (and we were a while ago...) One big story here is that there are a bunch of missing hikers in the Sierras. so what does Channel 2 News do? They go to REI to interview the clerks about products to help hikers. They show racks of space blankets and some balding sales clerk who has every confidence that the hikers are in good shape because maybe they had stuff from REI. So for a story on hunger do you interview a grocery store clerk?

Storm Watch '04: We had RAIN here for a day and a half. Couple inches, at least. And the WIND! You shoulda seen it! Maybe 60 MPH! Really big puddles! After watching Frances and Ivan rip apart Florida, it's hard to get excited about California rain.

Get Busy: There are exactly 7 shopping days left until my birthday. I will, however, accept late gifts.


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