Thursday, October 16, 2003

Mmmm....KFC. So I'm in the drive through tonight, with Aidan patiently hanging out in the back seat. The car in front of me orders a freshly slaughtered chicken or something that takes forever to put together. She finishes, and because there are cars in front of her, she can only pull forward about two feet. Not enough room for me to pull forward to the little speaker box (why can't they make it in the shape of the colonel? I think that would be a good idea.). But for some reason Miss KFC doesn't see that and I hear her voice saying, "May I take your order?" Don't they have a camera or something that shows if a car is there or not? Anyway, I'm still a good 15 feet away, so I wait. She asks again. I sing, "I'm not there yet!" like she's going to hear me. Then she says, "You think it over and decide and just go ahead when you're ready." Thanks for the reassurance - very supportive, our Miss KFC. About 10 seconds go by, they're still slaughtering that chicken, and she asks again. This time I lean out and yell, "I'm not there yet!" I suppose I could've yelled, "A number 4 with Diet Pepsi!" instead, but it felt stupid. The cars pull forward and I finally get to give my order and I'm wondering if she's thinking, "it took her that long to decide on number 4??" Anyway, they actually got the order right and those crispy strips.


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