Saturday, December 06, 2003

Yeah! Aidan's walking on his own! He walks like Frankenstein and thinks it's a fun game, but not really a way to get around. But he will take up to about 20 steps on his own, provided we're watching and ready to applaud. I was worried we were going to have to send him to kindergarten with his little push toy, which is the only way he'd walk up until now. He's 15 months today. And, to top things off, he saw Santa, sat on his lap and smiled! OK, he cried at first, but then when I crouched down and said, "I'm gonna come give you kisses!" he grinned as you see. He's a sucker for the kisses. Tonight we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory with sister Robin, her DH Steve, and their kids Kyle and Arianna. I thought Aidan was particularly attached to me lately, but imagine my surprise when I look over and he's giving the same, lick-your-chin/kiss he gives to me to Robin! Hmph! He's just such a little lovebug. Greg was describing my blog to them and said I had a "surly, but in a nice way" tone. Surly? Me? I always imagine a short little "Danny DeVito as Louie in Taxi" kinda guy when I hear surly. Sarcastic, maybe. Sardonic, hopefully. But surly? I'm going to have to start growing out my eyebrows nice and bushy so I can fit the part.


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