Sunday, January 25, 2004

Here're the new fishies...Thursday and Friday. Friday's camera shy.

Well, Seattle was fun...what I saw of it, anyway. I got sick with whatever Aidan had on Saturday, so I spent the day in the hotel bed. Fortunately, it was a really nice bed. Thank you to my sister for securing an apartment-size hotel room. Then poor Greg got it on Sunday. I think we all had strep, because the sore throat and fever were the main symptoms. We also had this weird rash, which apparently was scarlet fever. Isn't that what made Mary blind on Little House on the Prarie? "Didja hear about the Lunasea's? They got that scarlet fever over at their house!" We're all fine now.

G and his friend T held a baby shower today for their friend D. T's wife and I helped, but really they planned it all. I'm realizing that's kind of unusual - guys holding a baby shower. G made Betty Clarizio's famous pizza (from his grade school days) and it was quite good even though I usually don't like homemade pizza. It's kind of like homemade chinese food - just not quite as good as takeout. But his was pretty darn good.

A's current words: "TeeVeeeee"; "Pretty": said about anything outside that he likes; "Yeah": a general affirmative answer, as in "Can you say please?" "Yeah." He needs to get his hair cut again, but I'm not sure I'm going to go the homemade route again.

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