Friday, July 06, 2007

The explosives show in front of our house went well. This photo shows what happens at the end of the Crazy Eyeballs. Ben and friends watched from the safety of the car in the driveway.

Ben and friends also stayed up past 10pm, and did Ben sleep in the next morning? No he did not. In fact, as I write this it's 8:30am and I've been up for over 3 hours already. I got up with him even though it's G's turn because I am an awesome wife. Also because G is super-duper stressed at work and I can barely do this mothering thing as it is and I'll kill him if he goes and has a heart attack on me.

Being super-duper stressed and overworked is not new for anyone, but the problem with working in the mental health field is that if you don't return that phone call today, someone could actually die. Working with suicidal people is an occupational hazard for us, so you can't really lower your standards or let something go because your department is down two staff members. You can't say, "Listen, I'm really sorry you want to kill yourself, but you're just going to have to wait till next week. I don't have any openings until then."

Just my opinion, but when the stakes are that high, you'd think we'd get paid more than an executive assistant (not that good executive assistants aren't worth every dollar).

Anyway, here's my very first try at BBQ ribs. Our oven went on the fritz so I had to bake the cornbread and ribs in the grill. Not bad. I would recommend using something besides a glass pan for the cornbread, because it's impossible to not burn the bottom. Otherwise, it turned out pretty well. We also had red-white-and-blue jello (in the corner), and homemade coleslaw.
And the whole thing is just Americana served on a plate, is it not?


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