Sunday, November 22, 2009

The boys watched regular Saturday morning cartoons yesterday, so they were exposed to commercials! Gah! Guess what they decided they needed, right away? Yep - Shoes Under.

They were fascinated. "Benjamin," I said, "You already have a drawer under your bed. It's pretty much the same thing."

"But I want one of those - with the lines (dividers) in it!" he insisted.

"Honey, you only have two pair of shoes."

"Well, I want a shoe set, then."

"You want more shoes?" I asked.

"Yeah! More shoes." Poor kid - we could probably arrange for another pair of shoes. Both boys had way more shoes back when they couldn't walk and didn't even need them.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Similar situation here about 2 weeks ago... Noggin has apparently become Nick Jr. (didn't notice because we only DVR) and Nick Jr. = Madeline (6) first exposure to commercials.

Guess what she now wants? Touch & Brush (automatic toothpaste dispenser). John duct-taped a tube of crest to the bathroom mirror, but she was not impressed :)


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