Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Holiday Cheer

I wonder who's going to entertain me when the boys get older? I think there may be a period there, maybe between 10-15 where kids aren't as funny, but I could be wrong.

A. and Ben love the song "Carol of the Bells." They refer to it as the "Home Alone" song. I found this Family Guy version and can't resist singing it every time they ask me if I'd like to add an apple pie for a dollar.

But somehow, despite the context of the video, A. still thought it was a song about King Friezerton. He also calls Uncle Drosselmeyer from The Nutcracker, "Uncle Fred Meyer" (Portland peeps will understand that one).

Right now, I'm typing as G is playing "Texas Cage Match" with the boys. Benjamin put on his winter coat which he calls his "tickle proof" coat and whenever the boys switch off (it's Aidan "The Crusher" and Benjamin "The Destroyer" against Greg "The Smasher), Benjamin very seriously says to A., "Don't be too rough with him."

Now he tells me, "Mama! I got something out of my nose and put it on this pillow so I could make a snot pillow and I'm going to smash Papa with it!" Nice. So glad this is G's game and not mine. Mama don't do cage matches.

Benjamin on his new shoes: "Mama! They feel good! They feel like walking on warm toast!"

I'm going to be sad to see the cute-things-they-say stage pass.


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