Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Underwear

You'd think I never buy the boys underwear.

Me: Do you want character underwear or are you ready to go to solid colors, A.?

A: Oh, characters of course, because they are much more beautiful.

Benjamin: I wish these Spongebob underwear had a button where you could press it and it would play Spongebob's voice out of your pants!

Me: Yeah. Well, they don't.

And as soon as we got home, both boys modeled their new underwear, despite the fact that they had just gotten dressed two hours prior. The new underwear demanded to be worn!

Benjamin: How do I look? Give me your honest opinion!

I wish I got that excited about new underwear.


JenK said...

Haha! I do get this excited about new underwear. I don't get them nearly as much as my kids do.

And the Spongebob voice button? Pure genius. Those would sell like hotcakes. Which I am assuming sell well.

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