Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Aidan can put away groceries. This is a marvelous revelation. All we have to do is leave the groceries outside the front door, and he will take it upon himself ("what, you guys don't know where the canned fruit goes??") to put them away. One at a time, he'll pick a can out of the bag (canned peaches are most important because they're the best), lift it up onto the step, crawl up the step himself, bend down to pick up can with both hands, walk to the cabinet, put the can down, open the cabinet door, bend down to pick the can up, put can on lowest shelf, close door, walk to doorway, hang onto doorjam, lower self to step, start all over again. It's very mindful and Zen-baby of him. I always said he was a Zen baby.

Today at St. Martyr's, every person in the building had ashes on their forehead except me. Yeah, I skipped mass. Sue me. I was kind of afraid the Rapture would happen then and there and Jesus would know who to keep and who to toss by the ash on their forehead, and I'd be out of luck. The priest who did it at this mass also does a really good cross on the forehead, not just a smudge. The big scandal today was that the hot lunch lady planned burgers for today. Couldn't she have planned pizza instead? I bet she would have if she knew the uproar her meat patties were going to cause. I'm giving up chocolate, except that I forgot and had a banana-chocolate energy bar. But I don't think that counts because it's not REAL chocolate. Not like my beloved Nestle Treasures, which I finished last night in preparation for Lent. I'm going to treat myself to those and a bunch of Cadbury Creme Eggs (Yes! My favorite part of Spring!) when Easter's here.


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