Saturday, March 06, 2004

Went to John Kerry's rally at the Teamsters last week. We were very very lucky - it was a huge crowd in line and a campaign worker came by and pulled all the families with babies and let us in! I'd say about an eighth of the whole crowd got in. The rest were outside fogging up the windows as they tried to see him. WTG, Aidan! I knew we had him for a reason. The bummer, though, was that my digital camera was still fried and I didn't get any photos - we were about 20 people away from him. All I could think about was what a great scrapbook page it would have made for A's 2nd year.

Swim lessons went better this morning. A. complained a little at first, but I found a dolphin that squirts water and that was hecka fun. He had a death grip on me the entire time, although the water barely comes up to his belly if he stands up. Curiously, he enjoys the big pool much better than the little pool. I guess he knows I won't let go of him in the big pool. He actually kicked a little, and got all googly-eyed at our teenage instructor when she complemented him on his form.

My subconscious mind is driven by:

Okay. I'll buy that. I also have a 131 IQ, which seems to have gone down. When I was tested in high school, I distinctly remember testing at 145. Doesn't surprise me. The whole Ph.D. thing made me way stupider.

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  • Reality Show Update:

    The Apprentice: FINALLY!! Geez, Donald, took you long enough. Nothing against Omarosa - in a particular type of setting, she'd do fine. She's smart, but she's not very good with people.

    Survivor: Hate to be a cynic, but at first I really thought Sue was thinking, "Hey, no one here's gonna let me win a million dollars; but I can use this as a ticket to some food and a hot shower, and get paid to boot!" After watching her on CBS whatever-that-show-is with Harry Smith, I decided differently. However, I suspect she has some abuse in her past to be so brutalized by Dickie's dick. More Lex this week - yee haw!

    Eden: Yawn. A reality show with no end and no one understands what the game is? This is just a reworked Paradise Hotel. Boring young beautiful people, lots to drink, and a green apple. Yippee.

    Food update: I'm at my heaviest weight ever (besides the last trimester, and even then I'm a bit too close to that weight for comfort). I think I have to go low carb. I hate to give up my corn flakes and toast, but something's gotta change. My belly is hanging so low it's hard to shave before swim classes. That's just not right. And besides, if we're gonna go for Lil Uechedo #2 this year, I'd like to start off not looking pregnant already.


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