Sunday, August 06, 2006

Accidents Happen Now and Again

OK, it wasn't that bad. Not the best pic of the boys, but it's fairly good of G. and I, so we admitted we were powerless in the face of the merchandising giant and bought it.

It helped that we got there at 8am and had tickets for the very first train ride. Parking was easy, getting on the shuttle was easy, getting on the train was easy, and the place was only mildly crowded when the ride was over. We rode in the last car, which was a cool vintage coach.

All the other activities were free and we might as well have skipped the train ride, saved $60 and just hung around Thomas-land for free. You can still have your photo taken with Thomas, use the bouncy house, get a temporary tattoo, meet Sir Topham Hatt (which we skipped - he was scary), watch the train set, climb on the Thomas made out of Legos (see below), and, of course, buy Thomas merchandise, all without a ticket.

Afterward, we went to Capitola and had lunch. G. bit into an omelete and broke his tooth on a shell or something. Really broke it - chipped off a whole corner of his molar. Now the sharp edges tearing up his tongue so he'll have to have it fixed pretty quickly. And they didn't even comp the omelete.

Then on the way home, we stopped for a potty break and while pulling out, a big pickup loaded with stuff backed up into us. It was not nearly as bad as all of us were expecting, given the initial super-loud CRUNCH.

Recently, G. has had lots of problems with a delusional boss, gotten a ticket for not stopping fully and completely at a stop sign, lost a job opportunity he really wanted, and now he has a broken tooth and a chipped bumper. Poor guy was shaking his head in the parking lot, saying, "What is going on? What is going on?"

But he did get to see Thomas, without incident, which I'm sure makes up for at least some of it. We rode in the last car, which was a cool vintage coach.

The title of this post comes from a horrible but catchy Thomas song called "Accidents Happen" with lyrics like:

Accidents happen now and again, just when you least expect
Just when you think that life is okay, fate comes to collect..

...Sometimes you will slip and slide if that's Lady Luck's intent
One minute you're riding high, the next you're on the ground...

Lots of negative energy in that song, but you know, sometimes life is just like that.


Sarah O. said...

Forget what I said before. Sir Topham Hatt always scared me even after he had learned his lesson and gave Thomas a break.

Poor G. On the bright side, the good karma for taking the family pracically to Santa Cruz to see Thomas should eliminate lots of future misfortunes.

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