Sunday, August 06, 2006

I took a couple of hours last night and finally figured out how to get videos from our digital camera to the computer. Then I figured out how to edit them and upload the finished product to the web. If you wanna see my first movie, an under-2-minute "Best Of A. and Ben,"* let me know in the comments and if I recognize you (and if you've ever commented here or I knew you on the Knot or a playgroup or scrapping board, chances are I will recognize you) I'll send you the link. Just wanna know who's looking.

*Here's a quick synopsis: A. dances, I sing and Ben's on rhythm to "Mahna Mahna," Ben gets hysterical belly laughing about cars, and G. knocks A. off his bicycle. You totally wanna see now, don't you?


Sarah O. said...

Of course I want to see your videos! You describe your family so well that I've grown kind of fond of you and yours.

I know there's a chance that that'll sound weird. I mean, you only know me through our blogs. Not to worry, I'm just friendly. :-)

Lunasea said...

Hmm. Well, this isn't going to work if I don't have your e-mail address. Maybe I'll just post the link here:

If anyone cares enough to have come all the way to the comments, that's friendly enough for me.

Sarah O. said...

Just saw the video.


So cute, I'm in tears. I miss having little kids. You two obviously appreciate yours.

A. is a great dancer. B. has such an infectious giggle. And he's doing so well with his activity walker.

What a nice neighbor kid. What a nice family!


Pink Lady said...
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Pink Lady said... cute are the boys? Love it :)

K said...

I wanna see :)

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