Friday, September 29, 2006

Haven't You Always Wanted a Monkey?

Sign on a church on the way to A's school: "Happy 48th Birthday, Messiah!" I'm trying to think of a funny comeback but the only thing I could think was that it would be funny if I was driving with one of my Jewish friends and they said, "Wait a minute, didn't your Messiah die at 33?" That would've been funny.

Big Sister and Big Niece along with Grand-Nephew Who's 1 Year Old This Week are coming into town today. I got on the computer to see when they were arriving and half an hour later, I still don't know and I still need a shower. So, see ya later.


Beastarzmom said...

Weird, it wouldn't let me post a comment to the last one, but it did this one! Regardless, I could just eat those boys up! They are just the cutest. And can't wait to see Yiddle Yukas, cuz I'm sure I'll have to nibble on him a little too.
Weird that weird is spelled the way it is. Weird that it doesn't follow the i before e rule like other non-weird words.
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