Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hold On To Your Ball

Middle Sister (and her DH) is in a local production of Footloose, which I went to with my Dad last week. I discovered that the line I always sang as, "Now take ahold and pull..." is actually "Now take ahold of your soul..."

However, I 'm not sure what's really correct, because when I looked up the lyrics, every result on the first page of the blingo results reported the line to be "Now take ahold of your ball...." I think taking ahold and pulling makes more sense than that.

It also appears that while I was singing "C'mon the four-ring track," Kenny Loggins was singing "C'mon before we crack." Ah.

And is it, "Oh, Milo..." or "Oh, My Lord..."?


Sarah O. said...

I just looked up the lyrics to Footloose and discovered that the only lyrics I ever understood were "Ooooie Louise".

Lunasea said...

I can't believe no one said, "Sure, taking ahold of your ball doesn't make sense to you...you're a girl." I handed it to y'all on a silver plate!

Sarah O. said...

Blogger isn't letting me access your latest post's comments so I'm commenting here about A's fashion sense.

I love a man who knows how to accessorize!

Also, sometimes I look at the the things that little kids do all the time such as delight at something as simple as a Krispy Kreme hat, a pair of u sunglasses and a rubber bracelet. I wish that we grownups could get such joy from such simple things.

Oh, wait, I still do. And I just thought I was materialistic!

Beastarzmom said...

Oh, and btw, my script says, "Oh Milo".
So now you know.

Oh, and the ooo-eee has two different women. Louise, the first time through and Marie in the finale.

And now you know more!

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