Monday, March 19, 2007

  • Everyone says when they see my cute little kids, "Enjoy this time - they grow up so fast." Well. Come to my house and tell me that when it's 9:30pm and Ben is still awake and in his crib screaming for a cheese stick. Last night, he didn't fall asleep until almost 11pm. He's insane. I tried to go to bed around 10:30pm but he was singing at the top of his lungs, so I came out and informed G. that our 2-year-old is bipolar and currently in a manic phase. Day before that, he was up and ready to start his day at 4:30 am. There's a time and a place where drugging children is appropriate, and I believe that time is coming and the place will be our house.
  • It takes a lot to gross me out. I also thought dermatology was sort of an "easy" way to be a doctor. I mean, it's not brain surgery, right? I didn't realize just how gross dermatology could be until I googled the particular kind of cyst I have on my chest that's soon to be removed. Yuck.
  • Yep, Fussy Boy Ben turned two a week ago. I didn't blog about it because we really didn't do anything. I made some star-shaped angel food cupcakes, put a bunch of them on a plate, lit some candles, sang "happy birthday" and that was pretty much it. We sang "Happy Birthday" a couple of times because Ben kept demanding "Again! Again!" and you know, it was his birthday. Then he took each cupcake and took a bite out of each one in turn. Way to celebrate, buddy.
  • We saw "Jersey Boys" in SF a week ago and I am obsessed. It was fantastic. I expected to enjoy it like "Mamma Mia," you know, a little nostalgia and a little dancing. I didn't expect to get emotionally involved with the characters. It took us forever to get out of the theater because we were way up high in the balcony and as we were leaving, we saw the actor who played Tommy DeVito. He was soooooo good. Ben Fong-Torres wrote a thing about why "Jersey Boys" worked on such a different level than other nostalgia musicals - you believed you'd just seen four struggling singers, not four actors.
  • Seriously, if it's coming to your city, see it. The tour company is amazing. I'm trying to figure out how I can see it again before it leaves for LA.
  • Once again, we have a post in all green. Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Sarah O. said...

1. Kid's first few years seem to last forever. Once they start school - whoosh! Bet you've heard that one before.

2. Hope all's okay with the cyst. Yeah, skin can be really gross.


4. I seriously want to see Jersey Boys. I thought it would simply be a lot of fun but you've pointed out that it's got depth, too. Cool.

5. I happen to like green posts! Hope St. Patty's was fun.

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