Friday, March 30, 2007

My senses real: the sweet, greasy, aromatic funnel cake calls to me.

Today's title comes to us courtesy of my Spam folder. It was one of the more poetic entries.

Yesterday I think someone was trying to tell me something. We dropped A. off at school, then drove down the street to the bank. There is only one bank branch in town with a drive-through ATM, which I love because I don't have to take Ben out of the car seat. But a branch from a tree had fallen and the drive-through was blocked off. Fine, my account has enough padding that I can put the deposit off until another day.

We drive on down the street on our way to the lake where Ipower-walk most mornings with Ben in the jogging stroller. The freeway on-ramp was closed due to construction. There really isn't an easier way to get there, so I double back and go home, figuring I'll do an exercise video later.

We get home and I remembered that I was out of contact lenses. Actually, I had plenty of lenses for my left eye - I was only out of the lenses for my right eye. Guess they tear more easily, I don't know. I tried to order them ala 1-800-Contacts, and it didn't work - my brand was discontinued. OK. I called the number they gave, 1-800-288-2288 (yep, I figured out afterward that this special customer number was, in fact, 1-800-contact). Oh, gee, they'd be happy to call my eye doctor and find something else that would work. I hold....Gee, I'm sorry but they won't verify anything because you haven't been in for 5 years.

Really? Has it been that long? Gee. No wonder I can't see anything. No way I can get contacts without a new prescription. I'm fine with getting a new prescription - but I can't get an appointment until April 19th and the sun is shining and it's blinding me and I don't have prescription sunglasses, and believe me, no one wants me doing anything without corrective lenses.

All avenues were blocked, in all directions. I decided the universe was telling me to lie down and take a nap, so I did.

Update because I know you're concerned: I did get my old eye doctor to give me a trial pair of some new lenses, but I had to go pick them up 40 miles away. Small price to pay for the ability to wear sunglasses while driving. And there's a good frozen yogurt place out there. And a good park for the munchkins where they could play in a fountain. I guess everything's back to normal.


Boobless Brigade Master said...

I believe that when life pretty much 'puts' road blocks such as those in your was for a reason and the reason was probably to spare you from harm;)

Dr. Corndog said...

Re: Spam

While my wife, FunnelCake, is sweet and aromatic, in no way do I consider her greasy.

Glad you can see again.

Sarah O. said...


1. Forty miles for a contact.

2. Two preschoolers playing in a public fountain is a mere footnote.

You are one tough lady.

I bow to you.

Boobless Brigade Master said...'ve been tagged.
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