Monday, May 14, 2007

Just to Gross You Out

As the mother of sons, I am beginning to appreciate the Gross-Out-Factor. Today I had a cyst removed from my chest and let me tell you, it ranked way the heck up there on the GOF Scale. I won't go into excruciating detail, and I didn't take a picture (although I considered it), but here are the highlights:

Since it was on my chest, and the table was tilted slightly up, I could watch the whole thing. I expected that he'd make a small incision and then pop the thing out, like a baby (which is pretty much the sum of my experience with surgical incisions). No - you gotta pull the thing out bit by bit and carve away at the tissues around it to "release" it. Carve, carve, carve, went the scalpel. Watching him carve into my chest like a turkey on Thanksgiving was weird.

Meanwhile, he pulled the thing up and out while he carved and it felt like he was tugging at my sternum. That was weird, too. The cyst was much bigger than I'd guessed, too.

At one point, the doc must have knicked it with his scalpel, because the thing burst and squirted all over both of our faces. Yep. Top that one. That's gotta win me Gross Out Award of the Year.

So much for sparing excruciating details. Sorry. But when you're watching something so gross coming out of your own chest, you've just gotta share.


Brandii said...

i was okay until the bursting part...yuckeroo.

How are you feeling now?

Dr. Corndog said...

Yep, grossed me out. I had a similar experience about 10 years ago, but my growth was on my back, so I didn't get to watch the event. But I distinctly remember the sensation of it being hacked away; it probably only took five minutes, but it seemed to last as long as "LOTR:The Return of the King." Anyway, hope you're fully recovered by now, and I'll check on YouTube for the video.

Sarah O. said...

The good thing about yucky experiences is that they make good stories. For once, I'm not being sarcastic!

Hope you're doing well.

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