Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Shoot, people, I got nothing for you. G's mother and sister came to visit. It's always much easier (for us) to have them visit here. When we visit them, we all (the four of us) have to sleep in the same room and the boys require constant supervision. Grandma is great at playing with the kids, and his sister is very sweet. So it was a nice visit, if exhausting. And it gave us a reason to clean the bathtub. We went to the zoo, SFMOMA, it was hot, and I got a blister.

Here are some links (thanks to Martini and Tucker Max):

My favorite link when I need to laugh

A few funny ones
Military Hand Signals


Mary said...

Hi ... just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to compliment you on your title banner. I love it! It's very cool and the coffee ring made me smile. I love and live with a caffeine addict ... we have lots of coffee rings around our house!

Have a great day!

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