Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flush with his successful paperclip sale, A. decided to sell blank pieces of paper yesterday. Without a word to us, he dragged his laundry basket out again, got a little cup for the money, and set himself up on the sidewalk with a pad of lined paper.

When he wasn't immediately mobbed, he started yelling, "Paper for sale! Paper for sale!" It wasn't a bad idea - if all these kids have paperclips now, it stands to reason they might want paper for them. Isn't that called vertical marketing? Or maybe it's horizontal, I don't know. I took an incomplete in economics.

His yelling didn't work either, so he relocated to our neighbor's driveway, where their kind 10-year-old son took pity on our 4-year-old and bought 30 cents worth of paper.

What I loved is that when I came home from work and he told me the story, he was not discouraged at all. "There were no other people who could buy today." I loved that it had nothing to do with him, or his choice of goods, it was just a slow day.

You hold on to those office supply dreams, buddy.


Dr. Corndog said...

You know, I could really use some paper clips and paper, but I'm afraid I'd get killed on the shipping costs.

Sarah O. said...

You did it again, Luna. I'm all misty and choked up.

Which is sometimes a very, very good thing.

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