Monday, June 25, 2007

So this morning as I'm pouring my coffee I see A. wandering around outside our courtyard in his jammies.

Me: What are you doing out here?

(several rounds of "I don't know" and "come inside, then")

A: I want to find a Christmas tree but I can't dig one up.

Me: ??????????????

This is all from a book he's been liking, "Bialosky's Christmas." On Christmas Eve, Bialosky Bear puts together a Christmas party. Apparently A. is using this as his template.

So we dragged in our little potted pine tree, with the understanding that it has to go back outside tonight, put it in his room, and he's now working on decorating it. He tried to climb up into the craft closet by himself, but thankfully was unsuccessful.

He told me, "Now we won't have to decorate it when Christmas comes!" Right, we're gonna leave it like that, with foam snowmen and blue ribbon until December.

Actually, that could happen.


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