Friday, January 23, 2009

A Poem

It's Snowing by A.

it's snowing it's snowing
evereebudy is playing
in the snow
and its fun
I wish I can
but I cant
I have wirk
and I'm sad


LemonySarah said...

A. is a born heartbreaker!

Also, I soubt that ist' snowing there. But it is here. After a full week of 60's and 70's. Crumb.

Lunasea said...

Have a third martini, Sarah? hehe

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard about the child labor laws? Such a mean Mommie you are to work him when there is snow and "evereebudy" is playing. Now here in Michigan there would be no work if we played when it snows!
Knot Mom

Thumper said...

I have wirk and I'm sad, too...but no snow to play in. Snow is evil ;)

Lunasea said...

We don't have snow to play in here, either. He's just dreaming, and he's a pessimistic dreamer, I guess.

LemonySarah said...

DAY - UM! What's become of me?

It used to take FOUR martinis to make me type like that!

JenK said...

Heh. This is so dang cute. I'm going to print it out and take it to work with me.

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