Thursday, January 15, 2009

Promises, Promises

I found this great Japanese import place, Ichiban Kan, near my office, thanks to Gwendomama. My favorite aisle is the stationary aisle, where they have all manner of notebooks and folders, with odd little sayings on them, like "We will eat the magnificent fruit and be happy altogether."
And they sell Pocky, which is awesome and someday I will be brave enough to try the Men's Pocky.

But I think I found my favorite item so far:

Under "Lovely Dot," it says, "You who need to be do you like it?" Although the cat silhouette is inexplicable, this is clearly a very popular sentiment because I bought the last one. Sorry.


LemonySarah said...

I once bought and ate Men's Pocky, much to the concern of my children who needed to point out that I should stick to Ladies' Pocky because MOM! You're not a MAN! You're a LADY! Although the Men's Pocky was extra-tasty, I'm glad they noticed my femaleness.

The Lovely Dot (tablet?) is too awesome. I googled Lovely Dot and came up with zilch. I'm sad. But very happy for you.

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