Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look Out, Arizona

A's latest get-rich-quick scheme is to create U.S. atlases to sell. He traces one state shape on each page, colors it and then adds a fact about the state. I'm not entirely sure where he's getting his facts.


LemonySarah said...

... And to think I was considering visiting Arisona. Fact. Maybe I'll just drive through in an armored car.

Kara said...

I happen to live in Arisona, and two weeks ago, we actually did have a javelina (aka a wild bor) running through the neighborhood. I think it was the highlight of my 4 year old's life! She still talks about it daily.

Lunasea said...

Sarah, at least wear your helmet.

Kara, I should know better than to question A. He's usually right.

Your comment sparked a memory of my husband teasing the boys about javalina running through neighborhoods while we were visiting AZ - I bet that's where he got it.

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