Monday, April 20, 2009

Goodbye, Gallbladder

So tomorrow I'm going into the hospital and when I leave, I plan to be gallbladder-free. They can do the whole thing in less than a day and I should be home tomorrow afternoon, amazingly enough.

It's practically a procedure rather than a surgery, but don't suggest that to my surgeon because he gets very bent out of shape and all of a sudden it becomes "Major Abdominal Surgery," the likes of which I can't appreciate because I've only had two C-sections, which I guess would be considered "Minor Abdominal Ripping-Open and Gutting of the Uterus." At first he was all, "It's no big deal, easy recovery," until I suggested I knew about such things because of my C-Sections, and then he told me I would feel like I'd been hit by a truck. But in a kind of way where I could go home the same day, I guess.

So I'll have some time on my hands in the next week. I'll let y'all know how it goes.


supermom said...

Good luck with your surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

Sending healing vibs your way! Hope all goes well!

Knot Mom

Christina said...

Good luck, Colleen! IME, the gallbladder surgery wasn't exactly pleasnant, lol, but it was easy-peasy compared to the gallbladder attacks themselves... so goodbye gallbladder and good riddance!

klrtink said...

Good luck! I've had the surgery myself and it wasn't the easiest of the surgeries I've had, but it certainly wasn't the worst.

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well and it was not too awful of a surgery!

Knot Mom

Magpie said...

Hope all's well - I had mine out two years ago, and quite enjoyed spending a week in bed! Much more fun than recovering from a c-section while having to nurse and change and tend to a newborn.

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