Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lunasea's Blog Tip: Number to Avoid Messy Transitions!

1. Hey! I am NUMBER ONE on a google search for "glycemic index" and "Honey Bunches of Oats." Note to person searching: if you're going to eat breakfast cereal that begins with the word "Honey," don't even bother with the glycemic index.

2. On our way back from AZ last week, I was asked if there were any matches or lighters in my checked luggage. I thought there might be a book of matches in my backpack, so I dug around and sure enough, there they were. The airline employee told me to take them out of my backpack, which, as I mentioned, was going to be checked, and carry them on with me. How does this make sense? Aren't they safer in my checked luggage than in my purse, where I and the guy next to me with a shoe bomb have free access to them?

3. G and I had our first movie night in over a year on Saturday and remembered 9/11 by seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11." It was pretty frightening and strengthened my resolve to make sure Bush isn't re-elected.

4. In that movie, there are some very gruesome scenes involving charred bodies. G and I went out to dinner afterward and G made the mistake of ordering the 1/2 rotisserie chicken. Looked a little too much like the scenes in the movie and he was really wishing he'd ordered the pizza.

5. I've been kind of obsessed with misplaced quotation marks lately. I have a client who does the sort of two-finger twitch in the air to denote quotes around what she says, but she does it incorrectly. For example, she'll say "my 'husband'" with quotes around husband, and I'll say, "You mean you're not really married?" and she'll look confused and say, "No, we are."

My MIL does this a lot. She'll put A's name in quotes, or "Happy Birthday" in quotes, and everytime I see it, I hear her voice saying, " 'Aidan'...if that is in fact your name..."


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