Monday, April 24, 2006

Assorted Morsels

In a fit of uncharacteristic efficiency, I've totally cleared out the kitchen cabinets and drawers in anticipation of the new kitchen cabinets and countertop arriving this week. And now we can't find a damn thing. Woe to the man who wants a spoon to eat his cereal with, let alone a bowl to put it in.


See the sweater A's wearing in the photos of him and his pizza down there (couple posts down)? He's worn that same sweater for THREE years now. Ah, the benefits of having slow-growing children. Except I think someone (Mom? Is that you?) intervened on his behalf Easter morning and made the sweater disappear. Seriously, it literally disappeared for 24 hours, we had to dress him in something else, and it reappeared the next day. The little-known 37th Commandment: Thou shalt not dress thy child in the same sweater three Easters in a row.


G. scrubbed the kitchen floor to within an inch of its life over the weekend, and now it's incredibly slippery. We can't wear socks on it because we'll go sliding all over the place. We have to barefoot and it's kind of cold in the mornings. He put some MopnGlo on it to replace the top wax, or whatever it is, but it's still really slippery. Any ideas? I think it's plain old vinyl.


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