Friday, April 14, 2006

Random Sightings

I came home from an errand and found that while G. was changing Ben's Personal Best Poop, A. had colored on both his cheeks and his arms with a green marker. I was about to begin the "We only color on paper" speech, when A. threw his hands in the air and exclaimed, "Sometimes I just like to be colorful!" Well, OK then.

There is a most extremely cute baby reflected in the CD player, and he likes to get some tongue.

A. was eating his pizza at the mall when I said, "Hey, you know what that looks like?"
He looked at it for a moment and answered, "Portland!"
Well, I was thinking Africa, but didn't say it.

Then, because he can read my mind (it's scary), he takes a few bites and says, "Now it looks like Africa!" Really. It was weird.

Me getting my last CT scan. Not the most flattering angle, but I had become friendly with the machine and wanted to remember it.

And finally, proof that I live on the wrong side of the tracks. Found in the food court where A. was making topo maps out of pizza.


Karen R. said...

We have that sign at our mall too! And that's within the most conservative district in the nation, LOL! It just boggles my mind honestly, then again I'm the one who's step-sister is pregnant AGAIN and once more doesn't know who the father is. Go fig.


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