Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Am A Benevolent Analyst

This is an interesting test, but I was a little concerned about being a therapist and only getting "average empathy." (Move the cursor over each color to see what it represents and how I scored). But I think the questions they used to test empathy were a little off - they asked if you felt the way others around you feel, like do you feel sad if others are sad, etc. That's not necessarily empathy, that's codependence or having boundary issues. Empathy (at least the way I teach it to kindergartners) means you can understand how others feel, not that you necessarily absorb that feeling yourself. Also, being a therapist, we have to learn how to have empathy with some boundaries or else we'd burn out in a year. I also don't think I have low openness, whatever they think that is. I think I'm pretty open, but I don't spill everything all the time to everyone. Low style...yep, that's pretty much right on.

And the validity questions (where they ask you questions like, "Sometimes I get mad" that most people would answer yes to if they were being honest to see if you're faking good) were all lumped together instead of interspersed throughout. Anyway, I still think the results are pretty.


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