Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh Yeah Baby

Scrapping mojo returns.

A. gave up his dream of "night-before-christmas" cookies and settled for slightly underbaked (forgot to remind his father that the oven is about 50 degrees off) chocolate chip cookies. The party at school was very cute and a little Montessori-over-the-top. They put a candle on the floor to symbolize the sun ("But can we get this close to the sun? Noooo.") and then looped a yarn around it in an "ellipse," put little signs with the months on them around the ellipse, and A. carried the globe ("which continent are we on? Yes! North America!") around the "sun" four times. Ben was a complete goofball and very hard to settle so I spent more time chasing him around the room and trying to keep him from taking all the shells off the cardboard they were so carefully affixed to, than I would have liked.

At one point, while I was washing Ben's messy face in the corner, the teacher read a book about making a birthday cake, and asked A. at the end, "And what do you think they did with that cake after they were finished baking it?"

He answered, "Put it on the boy." She said, "What?" He repeated himself. "Put it ON the boy."

She said, "Oookkkaaay, maybe, but I bet they ate it!"

Great. Now she thinks we have weird birthday traditions at home. I think he got that idea from all the photos of his and Ben's first birthday parties where they were covered in chocolate cupcake.

Gotta get off to bed - have another 9 clients tomorrow. It's a good thing I love them all.


Sarah O. said...

So many gems in today's post.

1. I love the scrapbooking.

2. Glad the night before christmas cookie crisis ended happily for all.

3. "But can we get this close to the sun? Noooo." says so much about Montessouri preschool. In a good way, of course.

4. Poor first kids. Sure, they get all the photos but their parents miss so much of their live events because they're chasing little siblings.

5. Putting birthday cake on the boy sounds like something my family would do. On purpose.

6. I think my Word Verification says "hubble telescope rocks".

Beastarzmom said...

Love the shades!
Yesterday, LK insisted on wearing her shades (SUPER scratched, so I don't really believe she can see anything through them, but she looks Maaahvelous!) to school. Her teachers told me she woke up from her nap, put her glasses on and rolled over onto her stomach with head in hands watching the action. They were amused.

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