Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shrinky Dink Success

I've not had too much luck with Shrinky Dinks in the past few years. But we've been Christmas crafting and they worked great this time. Guess I wasn't making them big enough to begin with.

We made these window charms for the aunts (shut your eyes, aunts):

Ben scribbled all over the circles, while A. did some stick figures and Christmas trees.

Here's how they started out. I used the grated cheese top as the template for the circles :

And here's how they looked after baking:

We got an assortment of beads at Michael's and strung them up on elastic line. If you try this, take my advice and DON'T FORGET to punch TWO holes in each disk. You're going to be bummed if you just did one and will end up gluing the elastic line to the disks so they hang straight, which will be a big pain in the ass.


Tuesday Girl said...

I LOVE shrinky dinks

Beastarzmom said...

They'd be very cute if I didn't have MY EYES SHUT!!!

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