Saturday, December 09, 2006

So I've started a tradition of making calendars for the Grandpas. I do 12 8.5x11" layouts, upload them to Shutterfly and order some calendars. Inexpensive, and they seem to like them.

This year, you can even personlize the dates on the calendar, which is great because my dad can't remember his grandkids' birthdays. I collected the dates on my side of the family (which was great because I can't remember them either), and G collected the dates on his side of the family and gave me the list.

I noticed he included all the grandparents, although all of them have passed and presumably don't need cards sent anymore. Then I noticed another name.

"Mrs. Davis? Who's Mrs. Davis?"

"Aw, Mrs. Davis. Our long-time next-door neighbor."

"She's, um, dead, right?"

"Oh yeah, she's been gone a long time."

OK, so I can understand including the dead grandparents' birthdays - they're Catholic, maybe they'll want to have a mass said or something. But the dead next-door neighbor?

He asked, "Do you think that's weird?"

I answered, "Yeah, a little, but it's your call." And that's how Mrs. Davis' birthday came to be included on Grandpa G's calendar.


Beastarzmom said...

So you should definitely NOT put any dead friends OR relatives on Gpa A's calendar - that would mess him up SOOOO much! He didn't remember Mike's this year and when I talked to him, he didn't remember Mike. Scary... and a little sad.

Lunasea said...

He's never remembered any of my kids' b-days, but so far he covers up that he doesn't remember them at all. I wonder what would happen if we made up some fake ndchildren and put them on.

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