Sunday, April 01, 2007

More A. and B. Stories

A, (seeing a no-smoking sign in the store): Look! No Pencils Allowed!


A. has started a paperclip collection. He has six. He scours the house, looking carefully in all corners. "Wow, it sure is tough work to spot paperclips!"
G: "But so worth it!"
A: "Yeah, you have to look very carefully for something shiny and shaped like a paperclip."

After he ran a "race" G gave him not one, but TWO paperclips as a prize. He was ecstatic.


He also, inexplicably, galloped around the house the other day yelling, "Bareback Mountain!" but couldn't tell us where he'd heard it.


Whenever we correct Ben or say "No!" to him, he immediately counters with a very sad face and a plaintive "My finger hurts!" We kiss it, figuring he's either looking for affection or trying to change the subject. It just occured to me that he might have misunderstood something about someone getting their feelings hurt and thought instead that their finger got hurt.


Jordan Frye said...

Hehe! That's very cute. My boys have somehow got the impression that, no matter what the injury, a Band-aid will cure it. They haven't used it to dodge correction, though, lol.

Sarah O. said...

What can I say? Your kids crack me up AGAIN! And yes, they bring a little tear to my eye, too.

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