Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Sleeping Beauties

Went to see Jersey Boys last night, and when we came back to my sister's to pick up the boys, we found A. turning his cousin LK into a doorway convert. We might just let Ben have his bed and give A. the doorway.

Jersey Boys, was, as expected, fantastic. I'm such a groupie, but there was a lady behind me in the bathroom line who was on her 11th time. She was in SF for the weekend and planned to attend every performance.

G and I hung around the stage door and I got Erich Bergen's and Deven May's autograph. I told Deven that he needed a new MySpace photo because his current one is an old one from his Bat Boy days with his head shaved, and he's got such nice hair, so he should show it.

Good thing I didn't say anything STUPID, huh? Sheesh.


Sarah O. said...

Fandom is a great equalizer. Everybody who's a fan looks dippy.

My sister, a very smart person (hey, she was on Jeopardy), spent a year or two jetting around the country seeing Cabaret. The cast members recognized her. Some relished in the attention, others no doubt considered restraint orders.

Then there's Mr. Lemony's aunt. She's a Wayne-iac, an overly enthusiastic (shudder) Wayne Newton fan. She's seen him hundreds of times around the country. She now knows Wayne's mom, wife, manager, brother, and to a lesser degree, Wayne himself. She knows it's ridiculous but she's perfectly comfortable with her obsession.

Okay, you're a psycholgist. Is this normal in a silly way or is it something I shouldn't be broadcasting over the internet?

Lunasea said...

It's always comforting to know there are people who are crazier than I.

Which is, by the way, another benefit to being a therapist.

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