Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

I forgot to tell him not to throw away the plastic containers in his lunch.

I forgot to tell his teacher that he just learned how to do the clasp thing on his new shorts and might need help.

I forgot to fix his hair.

I forgot to leave his non-uniform jacket with him in case it's cold at recess.

I forgot to tell his teacher about his allergies and that he needs to be reminded to grab kleenex.

I forgot to tell him to make sure he doesn't have peanut butter all over his face after lunch.

I completely forgot about his brother, over to the side in the stroller, while I got Aidan in line and took pictures and told him how exciting this was. Fortunately, Ben was still sitting there when I remembered his existence.

I did tell him I loved him. I did tell him he was going to have fun and that I would be excited to hear about his day. I reminded him to use kleenex. And I did give him his lunch.

And on the way home, Ben and I saw this:

I swear that yellow bird has never been in our neighborhood before. I hope he doesn't feel odd with all the brown birds. I hope he makes friends at recess. I hope he feels comfortable going potty when he needs to and doesn't try to hold it. Oh, wait, it's a bird. Little chance of that.


Beastarzmom said...

So cute! and I love the little yellow bird.
you first time moms crack me up - so much to worry about! and let me tell you - those plastic things that get thrown away are nothin' compared to the number of coats which get eaten up by coat monsters. I don't know where they come from, but they are apparently very hungry for size 5-7 coats. Then it gets a *little* better.
Just some food for future thought.

Lunasea said...

Yeah, I'm surprised we didn't lose the coat last year. Montessori's very good at that, actually. But woe be to us if we lose the Special Sweatshirt Monogrammed with the School Logo because he is "required" to wear that on all school field trips and we are "required" to buy it from Land's End. Do they realize it's 80 degrees here in October when they go to the pumpkin patch?

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