Monday, September 03, 2007

I am posting this, finally, from my laptop.

The Geek Squad didn't exactly lose my laptop, they just stuck it on a shelf in the back where it sat for 2 weeks. There was some computer glitch the day I came in and it was "waiting" for some number from corporate so it could be shipped out. Apparently the glitch was fixed the following day, so why it wasn't shipped out the next day is a mystery to me and the two sincerely sorry guys working the day I stomped back in and told them, "Just give the damn thing back to me. And refund the diagnosis fee."

Then I took it over to Data Recovery Group, which is fortunately near my home. They were much more professional and expensive. Dude there got everything off my hard drive (I think - I haven't been able to load Quickbooks so I don't know if I have up-to-date data). I gave him my left arm and leg. Backup, people. Often. Seriously. I'm like a reformed smoker - "Don't you realize what can happen??? Tragedy!"

Anyway, now I have it back, reinstalled Windows XP and whatever necessary drivers I could figure out were necessary (they really should make that part easier - and why, when I bought this computer, was I given a CD to reinstall Roxio-something-or-other when what I really needed were video, graphics and ethernet drivers that I had to find and download on my other computer from Dell?).

Anyway, it' s nice to be back up and running. I'm going to be a lot more careful about what I put on here - I know I had a hard drive failure because I kept the thing plugged in and turned on too much. But it boots up soooo quickly now that it doesn't have all those stupid little programs on it.

And tomorrow is A's first day of kindergarten. He told us tonight, "You are going to miss me soooo much!" You have no idea, buddy.


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