Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally, I'm Seen For Who I Am...

How many people come home from a parent/teacher conference to this?

This is the beginning of the birthday festivities. My birthday isn't until Monday, so no worries. You've got some time.

And in the letters, we have A.'s favorite things to do with Mama, like hugging:

Cooking (note Mama's dark, dark face. That is the face of the evening meal.)

Here is A. with a hurt knee and quite a bit bigger than Mama. Although it looks like he's punching me in the neck, he assures me that I'm actually making him feel better.

Our trip to see the T-Rex skeleton at U.C. Berkeley:


Roasting marshmallows:
Going to the movie theater to see WALL-E:

How sweet is that? Ben had some drawings too, but they all looked like roller coasters. I feel loved.


Carrie said...

Ah..that is fantastic. I would come home to a sign like that only if I made it. Paul is sweet but he doesn't think of stuff like that. And the cat doesn't really care.

LemonySarah said...

So sweet! Although all the pictures are wonderful, my favorite is the one in which A. appears to be clocking you in the neck.

Lunasea said...

Carrie, you should make yourself a sign like this.

Sarah, at first I thought it was Me clocking Him in the neck - it's better this way.

gwendomama said...

Ben doesn't even LIKE roller coasters. I KNOW!
happy WAY LATE bday.


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