Friday, October 17, 2008

No on 8, Please

The increasing energy that the "Yes on 8" campaign is getting here in California scares me.

I have a hard time understanding how its supporters, many of whom are conservatives and therefore supposedly in favor of less government interference in our lives, can rationalize inserting a religious belief into our state constitution.

What is marriage? It's a social contract, right? If it's performed in a church, it's also a religious covenant. So making a government-sanctioned social contract discriminatory towards anyone, it seems to me, would be wrong. Making a religious convenant only available to some people is a matter of that church and its members.

Saying only men can vote is wrong and it was changed. Saying only white people can vote is wrong and it was changed. Saying white people can only marry each other is wrong. Saying only heterosexual couples can marry is right along the same lines.

I understand that some people think God has an opinion on homosexuality. I disagree, but they're certainly entitled to their beliefs. But when they start messing around with my constitutional rights, I have a problem.


Anonymous said...

damn straight!

Thumper said...

While I was tooling around town on my scooter today some blond bimbo carrying a Yes On 8 sign was standing on a major intersection corner, waving it at people. I had to stop there to turn right, and she was practically shoving it in my face, all smiles. I lifted my face shield and said "End the hate, vote no on eight."

She was not amused.

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