Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm building a website for DH and trying without much success to get an Amazon widget on there. I'm going to try the HTML here just to see if it works here.

Yep, looks like the code works. Now I just have to figure out what Intuit SiteBuilder has against Amazon.

And in other news, I've been re-reading past blog posts. There are A LOT since I've been blogging since 2003. You know, I used to be pretty funny. And my kids were hilarious. They're still pretty funny, but somehow the funny has drained out of my brain lately. I think I need to get away from composing facebook status updates and back to composing blog posts.


JenK said...

But the facebook and twitter updates are so EASY. They practically write themselves.

Tina said...

Creativity is a fun thing. When you have it you have it. Where does it go during the other times? I wish I knew!

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