Friday, September 24, 2010


Went back to see the shrink this morning. I'd actually set the appointment up a few weeks ago when it was clear that I felt pissed off about something but couldn't really put my finger on it. That's SO 20 years ago.

And then I went to visit my Dad in AZ, which was easy in the sense that he demands pretty much nothing, and hard in the sense that he demands and offers nothing. It's sad to see him so slowed down and kind of absent.

And then I came back and went back to work the same day, worked a long day the following day, worked the day after that and in my short break between work and picking up the boys, during which I'd scheduled some exercise, my car window was busted and everything I need was stolen. Damnit, I hadn't even caught up on the laundry yet.

So. I had a lot to talk about to the shrink. I'm still kind of reeling from the stolen purse thing. I keep thinking of more things that I need to take care of. I did the big ones immediately - stopped the credit cards and changed my bank account number. Now I keep thinking of other stuff -

  • where's my inhaler? Oh, yeah, it was in my purse. 
  • That water bottle I loved? In my purse (it was a big purse). I mean, c'mon thieving-thieves, you couldn't have thrown the water bottle off and grabbed my wallet? 
  • My glasses - where did I stash my prescription and an extra $300 to buy a new pair? 
  • My favorite lip balm - which is out of stock in all the stores I've checked (Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon, BTW). 
  • The Target receipt for the USB cord that I bought in AZ and was the wrong size, but decided I could return here since I had the receipt.
  • All of my reward cards. 
  • My Starbucks card which fortunately had $0.00 on it. I have a happy fantasy of the robbers trying to use it and not being able to pay for their latte. Suckahs!
  • My little bottle of Aleve. Boy, do I miss that. I've replaced it, but I can't seem to get the new bottle into my new purse where it would be helpful. 
  • My new tweezers. Damnit, I buy tweezers like, twice a decade, and these were new. 
  • My little mirror that I love because it's little but it's perfect.
  • My boys' sherrif's badges from The Jungle, which they don't need but what if they were their favorite things in the world? Huh? What then?
  • My keys. Now the office has to be re-keyed and my office mates have to all get new deadbolt keys.
Now, people not very far from me have lost their entire homes and in some sad cases, family members in a horrible disaster.  So I can't really complain too much. It an annoying hassle but it's not the end of the world. I've lost my wallet before, but it was always my fault - usually I carelessly left it somewhere. This was more of a violation - I'd locked it in the trunk, so they had to break the window, scattering glass (which, by the way, is called safety glass but can still cut you when you try to brush it off the seat) all over the car and the street. The glass place did a fairly good job of vacuuming it up but I'm still finding shards everywhere.

The thieves tried to use my credit cards almost immediately. C'mon, the $160 I just got paid in cash and was going to pay for the next two weeks' groceries wasn't enough for you?

So. Where was I? Oh yeah. So when I made the appointment I was already kind of in a bad mood. Then all this stuff happened and you know what I wanted to do first? Eat. The second thing I wanted to do? Shop. My two old go-to's for stress.They're both big symptoms of unconsciousness (for me).

So I think this is a wake-up call. I need to spend more time being mindful and present with myself and with my family. I want to push it all away and go unconscious so it won't overwhelm me, but of course that's not the answer. I used to spend a lot of time writing and meditating, before kids, and I just don't have that kind of time now. I'm having all these dreams of tidal waves and explosions, and clearly there's something there to pay attention to.


LemonySarah said...

Ugh, this whole thing makes me sick. I'm not the violent type but I want to punch out the guy(s) who did this to you.

Oh, and I'm totally with you on the eating and shopping thing.

Final note: Appropriate WV: materma.

Tina said...

Oh that is an awful thing to go through. Yes, can always be worse but this type of thing is so violating. Ugh!!

BabyShrink said...

Man, that sucks. But it sounds like you're learning a lot in therapy. I'm glad: Some of us shrinks are OK, some not so much. I've learned so much in my own therapy over the years -- I wish I could encourage more people to do it. Hang in there and hopefully this means you've been "pre-disastered" -- ready for some good luck now. Aloha!

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