Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Whew, that was close....

My brain is slowly coming back around to normal (whatever that is).  I swear, I couldn't remember what I used to think about besides, "It's OK it will be alright you'll be better soon everything is fine you are usually happy and you will be there again the chemistry will be back soon this will pass soon you are strong there is nothing really wrong..." etc.  And now I do think other things, and it turns out my normal thoughts aren't all that profound.

I have a confession....I've been cheating.  I've been blogging elsewhere.  I call it my Mood-O-Meter and it's a chronicle of my experience this time. I'm hoping it will become useful should I ever decide to write a book about depression and anxiety. Trust me, you don't want to read it, it's depressing. 

Other Random Bits:

We have a book about baby animals and their mamas.  Aidan points to the mama and says, "Mama Zebra," and then points to the baby and says, "Aidan Zebra."  Awwwww.

I tried to find a photo of the Low-Carb Cherry Bacardi Malt Beverage all over the billboards by my house, but no luck.  They make it look so healthy and good for you!

Had to do a 3-hour glucose tolerance test today because at the prenatal registration I made the mistake of checking "diabetes" on the list of things your relatives have. My dad is diabetic but not until he was 80, for heaven's sake.  So anyway, I go to do the 1-hour test where you drink this very sugary orange soda ("We used to have Coke flavor, but more people threw up with that one" said the helpful clerk), sit around for an hour and then have them draw blood.  I failed it. Sheesh, like I'm not feeling bad enough already.  So I gotta go back and take the remedial glucose test.

So this morning I had to fast, which was no big deal.  Thought I'd drink the stuff, and go back 3 hours later.  So I got there at 8am, drank my orange soda, and then was told they were going to draw blood every hour for 3 hours!  What, you haven't taken enough??? I've got big bruises on the insides of each elbow from the blood they'd already taken for the HIV, genetic this and that, blah blah blah other tests.  Ppppssssh. 


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