Friday, November 19, 2004

Confessions of a Sesame Street Junkie

I turned on "Sesame Street" this morning for A. so I could go get dressed with limited interruption. Here's the embarrassing thing: I can't tear myself away from it to go put my clothes on.

See, Elmo is looking for new members of his band to replace Grover and a few other slacker monsters who had to be fired for problematic drug abuse. He's now recruited Miles, and now he's working on Gordon and Gordon's Dad. Gordon has a flashback to the 60's where he, Bob and Luis are in a band and wear tie-dye T-shirts and man, Luis is telling the guys about this hot chick, man, her name is Maria and she can fix anything, man. And Bob is playing the drums and looks like a beatnik corpse, or maybe Gilligan. Seriously, get some makeup on that guy. Gordon has an afro, of course.

And now Gordon's Dad is having an "American Dreams" flashback where he's (it's actually Miles) dressed like the early Smokey Robinson singing "Do the Macaroni." All generations are surprised to find that the generation before them was cool at one time.

And soon Gordon, Miles, Gordon's Dad, and Elmo are going to sing "Wubba Wubba Wubba" together and I CAN'T MISS IT.

Oh, here we go - they've sung their song at Hooper's, and now we're onto a video about the letter K. I can skip this. Phew - looks like I won't be in PJs all day.


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