Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy November 2nd!

On Election Day 1996, eight years ago, I realized G was flirting with me as we watched election results on my tiny TV in my tiny cottage and shared a bottle of wine. The rest is history. Election Day 2004: I'm drinking Caff-free Diet Coke, G is at work late and the end result of all that flirting is eating macaroni and cheese.

I feel slightly cheated - at my polling place, there were none of the lines that are so popular elsewhere. This is the most exciting (and terrifying) election I've witnessed. What makes it so exciting for me is not the tightness of the presidential race, but the high turnout of voters. I think it's cool when we all get together to participate in the democratic process. I think it's cool when we all get together to do anything, actually.

My DSL is out again - of all the days to go out. But SBC/Yahoo assures me that this time it's them, not me. Yeah, I've heard that line before. Heck, I've USED that line before.

If Bush wins, all I can say is, I hope you Republicans are right. At least a little bit.


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