Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Update from the Battlefield

The latest on the ants at our house: they're IN THE MAILBOX. WTH? Swarming inside, not around, the mailbox. Which happens to be just a rectangular tin thing on the side of our garage. Not very exciting. And we haven't received any tasty goodies recently, either, so that's not the attraction. They're just messing with me, I know it. I hate them.

G. gave up his pacifist nature and sprayed the h*ll out of the ones under the sink this morning (mmmm....lavender-scented Raid - as Raid goes, though, it's not bad). Their numbers in the house have diminished, but they seem to have quite a few kamikaze ant squads among their ranks, because the dishwasher is still under siege. ::::heading to the kitchen to turn it on Super Ant Killer Cycle:::::

Also, a special "Howdy-do!" to readers who arrive here searching for the Japanese band Luna Sea. There are at least a couple of you a day. I believe you want to go here. They should totally put a link to me on their website, since I'm sure they get bunches of people looking for me.


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