Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Warning: Cute Kid Post

One of the reasons I write about cute things A does or says is that I have yet to open his baby book, let alone take a pen to one of the pages. I've done maybe 4 pages in his first year scrapbook. So, either I blog about him or his entire childhood is lost forever.

Any time = "Ten Fordy." He says this with such conviction whenever anyone asks about time that it's hard to believe the clock and not him. G was thrown off once when A said "ten fordy!" and it actually was about 10:40am - he thought we had a time-telling prodigy.

Any money = "Five Dollah." He associates loose change with the kid-next-door's Kool-Aid stand this summer, which apparently grossed about five dollars in loose change.

If he farts and I try to model good manners by saying, "Excuse me," he answers, "Bless you!"

Location of anything: "Right dere!" or "Over dere!" said with a vague hand-wave regardless of the actual location of said item. I don't believe him anymore, which means it take longer to find the object because sometimes he's actually right.

Sippy cup placed in a plastic measuring cup with a handle = "Coffee!"

Colander and cheese grater taken out of the cupboard and put on the table at any time of the day = "Di-yer-time!" (dinnertime) Sometimes he'll add cans of tuna or soup for a bit of variety. But if you ask him what's for dinner, he'll invariably respond, "Juice. Milk. Water. Tatoes." Which is weird because he never eats potatoes.

What we do after bathtime = "Towel 'round joo!" It's a quick ritual involving wrapping the towel around him and letting him parade naked like a veil-wearing naked bride through the house.

What he thinks will get us to turn on the TV since the election: "News! Time for news!" He doesn't actually watch the news, but I guess it's better than nothing. And there's always the hope that the news will be followed by "Clifford Big Dog."

Throwing clothes on the floor and falling face-first into the pile = "Laundrytime!". The clothes can be dirty or clean. This is not how we have traditionally done the laundry in our house, so I'm not sure where he got this.

What you say whenever Mama's doing something crafty with scissors: "Nice!" I think he gets this from us telling him his drawings are so nice.

We've gotten to the stage where anything he asks for is asked in a yell, as if he's prepping himself for a fight. "Cheeeeeeese!!!!! Cheeeeeese!" he'll suddenly yell out of nowhere, getting the tears ready. It reminds my of my nephew, who used to ask for a cookie by saying, "Why CAN'T I have a cookie?" Might as well cut to the chase, I guess.


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