Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Got Nothin' to Do But...

Blog. I caught up on all my paperwork because I knew I wouldn't have a chance to do any work while G. was away. The dishwasher's going, the kids are in bed, got a cold Hefeweizen, and American Idol's on. Life is good, and I love Elliot. If he doesn't make it into the finals, I'm boycotting something. Chevrolet. I'll boycott Chevrolet.


Sarah O. said...

Luna, kudos to you for dealing solo with the little guys for two days!

It looks like we're moving, too, to the Silicon Valley. We're doing our part to keep California's population up.

I know how stressful moving is (we moved from Baltimore to Chicago when our kids were small). This one's much more complex. Then again, this time we don't have to schedule everything around naps.

Oh, and I'll boycott Chevrolet, too.

Sarah O. said...


Lunasea said...


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