Thursday, May 04, 2006

Land of the Obvious

So an advocacy group has filed complaints saying that those hyper-expensive Baby Einstein videos don't actually make your baby smarter.

In other news....Bill Gates isn't going to give you 10 million dollars, no one in Nigeria is going to pay you to help them move their money, and you can get pregnant the first time.


trisha said...

The Baby Einstein did help R.

He can play the Blue Danube Waltz on his little piano and hum "Scenes From An Exhibition" note for note.

Lunasea said...

But they didn't give him those talents, did they? He already had those gifts.

See, in general, I'm against companies lying about their products, and lord knows I wish I'd come up with the idea to film toys in my garage and set it to music. But I also think consumers need to be able to make up their own minds and use their best judgement.

trisha said...

Yeah, he had the gifts.

But mommy was busy, and mommy doesn't know any classical music.

So, the BE vids are Good Babysitters. At the very least.

Lunasea said...

Oh, hey, I'm all about good babysitters. But I'm also about people taking responsibility and saying, "Yeah, I'm turning on a video. Bite me," instead of, "What?? They aren't going to raise his IQ??? Sue 'em!!"

trisha said...

Heh. I bought them because they are good babysitters and not annoying back ground soundage.

Let's talk about those stupid black and white mobiles!

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