Friday, May 12, 2006

Journal Cover

Found a perfect quote on Rhonna's site for my current journal cover:
Live is never a straight line.
It's full of twists and turns.
The way to a happy life is not to avoid them
but to embrace them, to find happiness in them.
~Warren T. Vander Ven

(Patterned digital papers from Jen Wilson and dotted brush by Rhonna Farrer).

G's interviews in Portland went well, but they're incredibly detail oriented and asked him to essentially walk them through every professional decision he's made in the last 15 years. The first interview with the department administrators lasted a couple hours, and the next day's interview with the staff lasted over 4 hours.

He also looked at some houses. One is being sold by his sister's friend, who rehabs old Portland houses. She's hoping to sell to us directly and avoid a realtor. G is quite taken with this house, which has a studio in the back that we could use as a private practice office (as long as we don't see more than 8 clients a day). It's in a perfect location, with old, tree-lined streets and the elementary school about half a block away.

As a rule, I'm against change. Change is hard and I already tend to be incredibly sentimental about the things left behind. I know there are a lot of good reasons for considering this move, but damn. I'm feeling my 40-year-old roots shudder at the thought of being ripped up.

And I wish I just knew one way or the other. The Boss said he'd let us know by the end of next week, but last time he said that he called the same day, and I'm kind of hoping he does the same thing this time. I hate not knowing where I'll be living in three months.


Sarah O. said...

Luna, you and I are in exactly the same place, confusion and uncertainty-wise. This period of not knowing where we'll be in 3 months is nerve-wracking.

Oh, and I believe you when you talk about loving your sink. Seriously, I love mine. It was the first thing I chose when we rehabbed our kitchen. I think the sink (an industrial Franke) and the industrial hanging water hose (forget the brand but we had to import it from Switzerland) cost almost as much as the Subzero.

Seriously. If we move, I insist on getting at least a replacement of the fawcet/hose.

As I've told Hubby, a carpenter uses good tools, right? People who cook all the time need good tools, too!

corndog said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lunasea! Best of luck on the whole Bay Area/Portland conundrum.

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