Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Da Bomb

Tonight we took a walk around the block. A. rode his scooter, which he just recently figured out. We stopped to look at all the houses and comment on the color.

"I wanna see more houses I never seen the color of before!"
"Well, you're in the right neighborhood."
"Look at dat house! Dat house isss vewy sy-lish."
"That house is stylish?"
"Yes, I think dat house is sy-lish."

As we went to cross the street:
"But this sidewalk is all ready for me to ride on!"
"Yeah, but this sidewalk across the street is ready for you to ride on, too."
"C'mon, buddy, we'll help you cross." I picked up the scooter and G. took A.'s hand.
"Oh, thank you guys! You're da best."

See? THAT'S why I let him watch Dragon Tales.


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