Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hah! No Kidding.

Your Life is Like

Being John Malkovich
In Other News:
Last Saturday was G's b-day and we went to Traintown, which of course is every guy's dream for his 45th b-day. It was pretty cheesy.
But across the street was this billboard which I found quite profound. Really, where are you going that's more important than spaghetti? Huh?
More pics from Traintown:
A real working roundhouse.
G. gets to wear the engineer hat because it's his birthday.


Marianne said...

You guys are such a beautiful family!

jess said...

what a sweet picture. and happy birthday to g!

trisha said...

You people could not be any cuter! Wow!

Sarah O. said...

Hooray! A photo of you and yours! You are such a cute family.

Lunasea said...

Thanks, but I'm surprised y'all can see us in that photo. It's pretty small, but maybe that's just my screen.

trisha said...

Well, it does get bigger when I click on you.

Lunasea said...

That's exactly what G. says.

Ba dum dum.

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