Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lunasea's Goals

I don't remember where I found this, but I liked it.

I'm sort of an Office Depot slut. I love office products and organizational tools and motivational websites. I think I'm constantly searching for the product that will completely streamline my life, fix all the problems and make everything easy.

I drool over planners and calendars and filing systems. I love colored folders, binders, and dividers.

You'd never know it, because the bag I take to and from work gets heavier and heavier with unfiled statements and check stubs, and although I have a filing system at home, it's random and I'm amazed I can find anything. I like to have stuff immediately accessible, and I like to see the stuff around me, so I'd do well in a room lined with corkboard, but trying to fit in my little computer armoire in the family room, I'm bursting at the seams.

G. is very organized and comes by it naturally. He actually goes to Office Depot and buys what he needs. He is not seduced by the make-it-easy, get-organized promises of all the desk systems. He knows what works for him and he just does it.

Me, I'm more of a seeker. The perfect system might be out there right now and I certainly can't get organized until I find it. The problem isn't that I'm disorganized, it's that I haven't found the right office product yet.

G. is reading this over my shoulder and says: "This is the problem of the Philosopher King. It was first discussed by a great Greek philosopher." He thinks it's Aristotle but doesn't want to be wrong so he's telling me to edit it. "If you spend all your time philosophizing until you find the perfect form of government, you will never rule as king. In other words, if you spend all your time searching for the perfect organizational system, you'll never get organized." Thank you, Oh Yoda of Organization.

He is right, though. I will be set on organizing my files, but then in the middle I think, "Oh, you know what I need? I need another box for my CDs." And I'm convinced I can't do anything else until I get another box for my CDs. Or more hanging files. Or the right paper clips. How am I supposed to organize anything without paper clips?

I'm also a piler. I have piles on the floor by my armoire and on the kitchen table. There are certain things that belong in each pile. Sometimes, though, I try to put something in the recycling and it ends up back on my pile by G. How am I supposed to work under such conditions?

Mostly, I blame it on the fact that I gave up my office to be A's room. G. is supposed to give up his office to be Ben's room but has staked himself in there like a hunger striker and isn't moving without an eviction notice. I keep reminding him that when he moves his office into the small hovel that is our book room (i.e. enclosed porch), he will get better wireless reception. He remains unmoved. Literally. Ben's almost 16 months old. Apparently he is going to have to share his room with his father for the rest of his childhood.

Just remember, boys, when you're wondering who loves you more, Mom gave up her office for you BEFORE you were born.


Boobless Brigade Master said...

Well, I can't honestly say that I'm any better than you in this department. I've got two or three filing cabinets and a semi-permanent pile of papers/envelopes by the computer.
What I have noticed in the past my shame factor where organizing is concerned.
Now, this isn't what you's at the other end of the spectrum.
I can't for the life of me figure out how to effectively organize and the now that the thought of "losing a battle with cancer" has become the elephant in my living room, I've bought a cheap little paper shredder and have been taking bags full of old bills, etc over to the neighbors whenever they have a bonfire.
I mean I can't have people galvanting in and out of my house after I'm gone and finding out that I never mastered the art of organization right?!?!?
Tell me you understand?!!?!
TELL ME!?!?!?
Heh heh heh.

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